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ferries & catamaran schedule

Ferries from Split to Vela Luka

Type of ferry High season (02 June until 01 October) Low season
Ferry (cars & passengers) Monday to Sunday 10:15 AM Mon, Wed, Thu 10:30 AM
  Monday to Sunday 17:30 PM Tuesday 05:00 AM
      Friday 10:30 AM
      Monday to Sat 15:00 PM
      Friday 17:00 PM
      Sunday & Holiday 18:00 PM
Catamaran (passengers only) Monday to Sunday 15:00 PM Monday to Sunday 14:00 PM

Ferries from Vela Luka to Split

Type of ferry High season (02 June until 01 Otober) Low season

Ferry (car & passengers)

Every day 06:15 AM Monday to Saturday 06:15 AM
  Every day 13:45 PM Mon, Wed,Thursday 15:00 PM
,     Tuesday & Friday 17:45 PM
      Sun and Holidays 14:45 PM

Catamaran (passengers only)

Monday to Saturday 05:30 AM Monday to Saturday 05:30 AM
  Sunday 08:00 AM Sunday 08:00 AM
AM: morning
PM: afternoon

Prices for the Catamaran: foot passengers only: 9,10 euro)

Prices for the car ferry: passengers 9,10 euro - Chilfdren between 3 to 12 yrs: 4,50 euro

Additional price information for campers, caravans, large cars, busses, bikes, boats, trailers and other transport possibilties please consult the Jadrolinija website www.jadrolinija.hr as we do not have the information in our listings as size, amount of persons and time of the year determine the correct price.

Bus from the Airport to the Ferry portCroatia Diving: Split Airport

After every flight arrival of every flight company a Croatia Airlines bus will be waiting outside the airport, 50 meters to the right when exiting the building. The bus takes you straight to the ferry port for 6 euro. You can buy the ticket after you take your seat and you can pay in Euro or local currency. The bus stops directly behind the ticket kiosk at the ferry port where you can buy your ferry or Catamaran ticket to Vela Luka.

If you are going to be in a hurry to get to the ferry port we advise you take a taxi. The price is approx. 50 euro)

Facilities on the Ferry port

Croatia Diving: Split boulevardIf you have some time before your ferry or Catamaran leaves you can store your luggage in the luggage depot for a small fee. It is safe as this service is run by the government. Split town and the hug market is 2 minutes from the ferry port so you can shop around, have something to, get a sun-tan on one of the benches with sea-views on the Riva (promenade), visit the market or drink something in one of the many terraces on the seafront.




Coming by car

Croatia Diving: Split town view from the ferryWhen coming from the A1 highway, exit the highway at Dugopolje (toll) and follow the road directions toward Split / Dubrovnik (E65). As you get closer to Split you will see a road sign – 'Split center'. Take that off-ramp. Down at the bottom, at the stoplights, go straight. Then after about 100 / 150 meters take a right at the junction. (Be aware that traffic coming from the left has right-of-way and they often drive fast). Just follow the road (middle lane is the best choice) all the way down to the ferry port (you pass quite a few stoplights).

When you finally get to the ferry port you will see a market on your right-hand-side and the road itself turns / bends to the left toward the sea. Exactly in that bend is a small kiosk / ticket office and you can park in front of that office for a few minutes to buy tickets to Vela Luka. If it is not possible to park there then follow the road along the sea and in the middle of the harbour on the sea-side you will see a big building with a terrace and a supermarket in front of it. This is the main ticket office (behind the supermarket) and you can also buy your tickets there.

Next to the supermarket you can also see a big digital announcement board with the ferry lines, destinations, dock numbers and departure times. Look for Vela Luka / Ubli (Lastovo) and when you know the dock number (normally one of the last two docks’ of the port nr 26 or 27) you can simply park your car in the correct lane / dock and then buy your tickets.

During your trip through Croatia we have a few use full tips for you

  • There are many fuel stations on the highways with toilet and coffee facilities but if you go off the highway there are not that many fuel stations so we advise you fill up your tank regularly and start looking for a fuel station when your tank gets half full.
  • When paying by credit card anywhere please have a pin code available otherwise credit card payments can not be accepted in Croatia.
  • Have your car lights on all day
  • ATMs can be found just about everywhere!